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Is it possible to quickly lose 10 kg? It all depends on what "fast" means to you. Losing 10 kg in a week is from the realm of fantasy, and losing 10 kg in a month is already real. Losing 10 kg is possible if you have extra pounds in your body. "Excess" weight is called for a reason: if you start to eat, the kilograms unnecessary for life will quickly go away. If overweight is a figment of your imagination, the body will be reluctant to part with its legitimate pounds.

In a week it is really possible to lose 2-3 kg, and in a month you can lose 10 kg. There is nothing criminal in the desire to go on a diet and "blind" the body of your dreams. But do everything wisely: many girls, in an effort to quickly lose weight, neglect the basic rules of nutrition and harm their health.

There are times when you need to lose weight quickly: photo session, celebration, rest. In such cases, the simplest diets for 10 days are effective: buckwheat diet, fasting days on apples, grapefruits, kefir. A 10-day diet gives quick but short-term results.

A 10-day diet is even beneficial for the body, but only if you are prepared for extreme unloading: you start to eat less in advance, give up flour and meat dishes. It is necessary to "get up" from a fast diet after obtaining the desired result gradually. Remember that when you return to your normal diet, you will gain weight again.

Do you want to lose 10 kg and you don't have a deadline? Then get down to business wisely. Healthy and fast diet "Minus 10 kg" should last about six months - in the understanding of nutritionists, this is not a long time. If you are not ready to follow complex dietary rules, calculate calories and read the composition of foods, remember these simple rules (in general, this is how everyone should eat at all times).

Don't eat flour. If you cannot give up bread altogether, choose black and grain. Replace sweet pastries with fruit and dark chocolate.

Don't eat sugar. Hard? Put honey in tea, sugar substitute in coffee.

Eat as little fried, spicy, fatty foods as possible. Steam fish and meat, it's not difficult at all.

Have a hearty breakfast and light dinner. You need to have dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. Eat all carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, nuts, spaghetti) in the morning and afternoon, in the evening, eat proteins (cottage cheese, chicken, fish, eggs). Don't mix protein and carbohydrate foods.

Don't drink soda or juices with sugar.

Such a diet will have a positive effect not only on your weight, but also on the condition of your skin, hair, and general well-being. With a gradual weight loss, the body will get used to the new weight and will not return the previous kilograms if you diversify the menu, notes cosmo.ru.

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