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June 21 is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world. Prime of India Minister Narendra Modi had proposed this date as the International Day of Yoga at the United Nations General Assembly 2014.

Yoga is an ancient practice originated from India. This practice is 5000-year -old which heals your mind, body and soul and we can say that yoga reforms your thoughts to peruse a great lifestyle.

Research shows that you can use yoga to boost your physical and mental health. It’s safe and effective, and a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and balance. Here are five reasons to take up yoga.

  1. It’s A Great Workout

First of all and most obviously, yoga is a fantastic workout for your body. You can adapt the practices to your own speed and level of comfort. No matter which yoga exercises you choose, the practices will always be part of a great workout routine. There are some fantastic series of movements out there that are perfect for every kind of day and for every kind of person, meaning there’s no reason not to start doing some yoga as soon as you can.

why yoga is a great workout

You shouldn't push yourself to do all the poses on the first lesson. Start with "beginners" versions and special bricks and belts will help you.

  1.  It Can Develop Your Physical And Mental Strength

It will help you develop some truly incredible mental and physical strength. The whole point of yoga is to work on your body’s strength so that you can sit for longer in meditation, and the physical investment in the stretches and positions ensures that you’ll experience plenty of physical strength benefits as a result.

The breathing exercises can improve your lung capacity, and lunges and stretches can increase your core strength as well as every muscle you can think of; meanwhile, the exercises force you to focus on the moment, and during meditation, to clear your mind, which helps alleviate stress and improve your mental health.

why yoga is good for your health

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  1. Lose Weight

There are many different forms of yoga. While some are ideal for their relaxing and calming poses, others can provide a more active workout. Vigorous forms of yoga, such as ashtanga, bikram or vinyasa, can keep your heart rate up and boost your metabolism to help you burn calories. Regular yoga sessions can also tone your muscles.

By keeping your energy levels up, yoga may motivate you to be more active generally. It may also make you think more about your overall health, which may lead you to eat a healthier diet. Research shows that yoga can reduce appetite and food cravings, helping weight loss, and make people feel more confident about keeping the weight off.

  1. Improve Your Sleep

Yoga can calm a busy mind, reduce stress and help you get rid of unwanted tension. You could practise some yoga poses and breathing exercises at home in the evenings. The breathing exercises may encourage you to relax, so you’re more likely to drift off when you go to bed. Research shows that yoga can help you sleep for longer, improve your sleep quality and make you feel better during the day.

  1. It Will Improve Your Posture

Yoga is pretty effective at helping you develop some premium, proper posture, since a lot of the breathing and seated positions require a straight back for proper effect. Good posture is definitely going to develop during yoga practice.

You’ll start off slouching and slumped, reflecting the figure of someone who spends most of the day at their desk. Yoga will help sculpt your back into the kind of poised posture that’ll make you walk taller and feel immensely better about it.

Becoming healthier and experiencing all the benefits of yoga will make you more aware and able to choose things in life that support this positive journey. You will slowly become more aware how things influence you. You will find you naturally want to make changes to your diet, choosing foods which support your health and yoga practice.

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And remember that is never too late to start somewhere!

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