If you like sweets, eat them for breakfast. Morning calories are easier to use, and during the day you will find it easier to resist temptations. Does your body still crave dessert during the day? Divide your morning brownie in two: eat half after breakfast and the other half after lunch. The main thing is not to gorge on sweet things at night. First, carbohydrates and glucose are stored as fat. Secondly, it will be hard for the body, and because of this, insomnia, nausea and heaviness in the stomach are possible.

Studies have proven that regular physical activity keeps blood sugar levels under control. To eat sweets and not get fat, do this: first go for a 30-minute walk at a good pace (or go for a bike ride, or swim in the pool), and then eat dessert.

Eliminate foods that contain added sugar. If you have a piece of chocolate or a couple of candies in the afternoon, this is not a problem. The problem is all other products that manufacturers add sugar to. Sometimes we don't even think about it, but fast food, industrial sauces (even ketchup), canned food, convenience foods, packaged juices and sodas are very high in sugar. Want some dessert? Eat dessert! But otherwise, try to eat right.

Have you eaten a legal cake today and still want something sweet? Eat a spoonful of honey. Compared to sugar, honey slows down the synthesis of the hormone ghrelin, known as hunger hormone. It is this hormone that gives the brain a signal that it is time to recharge. But honey is a fairly high-calorie product. A teaspoon contains 22 calories, so be careful.

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