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Multifunctional Pilates Circle
Multifunctional Pilates Circle Multifunctional Pilates Circle Multifunctional Pilates Circle Multifunctional Pilates Circle Multifunctional Pilates Circle Multifunctional Pilates Circle

Multifunctional Pilates Circle

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Tone your arms, thighs and chest, strengthens posture and mobility effectively! This Multifunctional Fitness Circle strengthens and tones your body in only a few minutes each day while increasing the effectiveness of floor exercises. It provides gentle to moderate resistance in an exercise and also gives the body feedback about which muscles are being used. Worth adding it to your daily accessories!


  • Made from soft and sturdy foam — padded handles comfortably mold to your body
  • 36 cm radius and small weight make it portable and great for travel
  • Increases intensity of floor exercises
  • Perfect for toning problem areas, developing core muscles and back strength
  • Speeds up toning by targeting specific muscle groups — can be used to tone upper arms, inner & outer thighs, abs & pelvic muscles
  • Enhances mobility, agility & stamina — double sided foam handles with inner & outer grips for a wider workout range
  • No worries about losing resistance or shape
  • Lightweight design ideal for use at home, gym or workout classes

Customer Reviews

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My favorite site

When I bought this ring (very good to use, buy it!!) , they also gave 20% off for my next purchase.


I love this ring anyone wanting to order one should take a Pilates class so you can know how to use this equipment. I know how to perform all kinds of exercises using this ring. I like owning my own equipment so I can use this band at home. It’s great for older folks like me that’s have that arm fat it really helps tone your arms be patient cause it’s not going to work with one use you build up to using it more often you will see results if you’re consistent.


Great product to work your inner thighs while working at your desk

Perfect for individuals trying to work out while traveling

I ordered my ring right before I sent for 2 weeks to the Netherlands for wok. I knew I would have a crazy schedule while I was there, but still wanted to find a way to somewhat workout. I found this ring and it was perfect for packing since its not too bulky and is light weight (even comes with cute carrying case). It made my late night workouts in my hotel room feasible and left me feeling the burn throughout my time there. I'm super impressed with the quality and would recommend.

Hello Violet! Thanks for the feedback! We are sure that your trip was wonderful
Very good

This has been a great "tool" for helping me regain strength in my legs following a severe ankle break. It is lightweight, easy to use and I can just quickly grab it, do some exercises and get on with my day. This ring is high quality, I use it daily and it has maintained its shape and tension.

I love this Pilates Ring

I love this Pilates Ring! I have shared it with several people. It is the best thigh helper, I use it for upper body and stretching. I am super happy that I purchased it. On a personal note, I have struggled with the inner thighs, it has been encouraging for me because the inner thighs have strengthened and tightened up!I am super happy!