Smart Muscle Toner
Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner Smart Muscle Toner

"Shockingly efficient!"

— Louise W, Chicago

Smart Muscle Toner

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This Smart Muscle Toner is proven fitness sensation for busy people. It will tone, tighten and strengthen your muscles, while you are working, watching movie or walking. It’s amazing feeling your muscles are flexing while you're relaxing, isn't it? 

Once you find the best mode and settings for you, the Smart Muscle Toner will become a routine that helps transform your body and the way you live life.


How should I use it?

You can use each EMS machine anytime, anywhere. It's super light, ultra thin, WEARABLE, making it ideal for muscle training while reading, watching a movie or doing housework. Each EMS machine can be adjusted individually.  Don't forget about balanced diet, drinking enough water and sleeping well to maximize results of using any EMS set.

What's it for?

Smart Muscle Toner helps gaining tighter muscle and achieving perfect figure by regular using. It sends rhythm and safe electrical impulses to your main groups of muscles: abs, hips, arms and legs. The effect of the impulses causes the muscles to work harder than they would in a conventional training session but with less work completed. 

Why choose us?

✅We find for you best and optimal EMS machines from direct manufactures

✅We test all of them on ourselves and offer you only the best one

✅We collect sets for different types of figure - you just need to choose yours, we are care of the rest.

What's an EMS machine?

 In order for a muscle to contract, your brain has to send an electrical impulse to neurons in muscle fibers. EMS basically mimics what your brain does in this scenario:  trainers send a small electrical impulse to a muscle that tells it to contract.

Is EMS safe?

 People who have pacemakers or defibrillators shouldn't use EMS, because it can interfere with the devices. Pregnant women and people with epilepsy also shouldn't try it. Talk to your doctor before you try EMS if you're not sure.

Customer Reviews

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I have used this Muscle Trainer Set for a week. I usually put it on my belly and hips while cooking. I feel like that this gadget gives my muscles a vibration. I can control the intensity level, so that the vibration can perfectly fit my endurance


I have to say I’m presently surprised. Used as directed 15 minutes a day. I’ve noticed my stomach muscles coming back to life


arrived sooner than expected, thank you very much! Can't wait to try it

Awesome product for lazy persons

I have tried this product in my loose tummy for several times.I feel so good.I am really a lazy person,I don't like too much work out.But this product makes me feel like I do the exercises a lot.It sticks on my tummy even I am doing the house works.You can use it anytime anywhere.


At first I was sceptical about it not working, having faults ect but they have arrived and works amazingly! Good quality for a great price!! Recommend this product.

Hello Xanthe! Thanks a lot for your review, enjoy the results! :)

This product is very nice, it help me while I am doing my homework. There is different setting that helps you such as burning fats or body building and you can choose the degree of vibration. the highest one is fairly strong since it hurts. The vibration is done little by little at the beginning it is slow while after 10-15 min it starts to be harder. Overall this product is very nice I do like it a lot.