Yoga Gear Set
Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set Yoga Gear Set

Yoga Gear Set

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This Gear Set is ideal for anyone that wants to have a relaxing time or get rid of nagging muscle pain. It allow you to do your own deep tissue massage approximating the pressure you could expect from a massage therapist’s palm or elbow.

Dense material provides needed pressure to access deepest layers of muscle tissue. Always maintains its shape to prevent injury while using.


  • Set includes: 1 foam roller (33*14cm, 130g), 1 small ball (8cm, 10g) and 1 peanut ball (24*12cm, 80g)
  • It's a simple massage and therapy tool which can help stimulate the blood circulation, increases blood flow to promote healing.
  • High quality professional massage set with hardened material.
  • It is small enough to take with you anywhere. Portable and lightweight.
  • It can massage muscles, put on the palms and soles of the feet or body parts, pressuring and extruding to stimulate the skin. relieve tension and effectively ease the feeling of fatigue, offering an invigorating massage
  • Catch a good effect when massage on the acupuncture points or the trigger point of injury.

Customer Reviews

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Buy it

Great product. I have all the ball and foam rollers to be had and love them. This rollers does about all of what they will do and several things they can't. Great for rolling your spine. It will cradle the spine while rolling either side. Really great

Amazing foam rollers.

This foam rollers is genius. I've used foam rollers after workouts but there takes it to another level. It really isolates pressure points and allows you to work through tight muscles. It's amazing. And when I rolled up to my neck and felt it hit the spot at the base of my skull I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Can't say enough good about this thing. Recommending it to everyone I know. Seriously, buy it. You won't believe the difference.

Nice hard pressure where it is needed

My chiropractor suggested this roller; he may have talked himself out of work. I just love how it can hit so many points. It is so light weight to lift, but such a solid construction. There is no give when rolling the different muscles; I love it. I can't wait to use it more and get good at it

I am very happy with it

I've had my Gear Set for about two weeks now. I am very happy with it. I have TMJ problems which give me alot of neck,shoulder and upper back tightness. This roller really feels good in these areas. I'm very happy with this purchase.

All super!

As an older runner, I really love the ridges on this roller! Hamstrings, IT band, low back, shoulders - I can easily target these typically sore areas. I've struggled off and on with an adductor strain and tried this roller on the advice of a trainer. It works way better than the flat kind. It's also small enough to carry to training and races. Got one for each of my kids' birthdays!

Love this

Love this YOGA GEAR SET. It works better than the flat rollers.