Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips
Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips Muscle Relaxation Roller - Tips for Hips

Muscle Relaxation Roller

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This Muscle Relaxation Roller is unique among foam rollers due to its pattern of bumps. These specially designed protrusions are firm, but flexible, making them remarkably close to a massage therapist's thumbs. When used correctly, this foam muscle roller gently stretches the back's soft tissue in multiple directions, eroding trigger points and relieving discomfort.

Muscle Relaxation Roller is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. It can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion. It can be an effective tool to add to your warm-up or cooldown, before and after exercise. And the benefits of foam rolling may vary from person to person.

Read on to learn the about foam rolling’s benefits and potential risks, plus how to add it to your routine.


Ease muscle pain

Muscle Relaxation Roller can be beneficial for easing sore muscles and reducing inflammation.One small study of eight male participants found evidence that foam rolling after exercise may help reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness. In the study, physically active men foam rolled for 20 minutes immediately after exercise in addition to 24 and 48 hours after exercising. These participants saw a decrease in their delayed-onset muscle soreness when compared to exercising without muscle Relaxation Roller. They also performed physical exercises better than those who didn’t foam roll.

Increase range of motion

Muscle Relaxation Roller may help increase your range of motion, but more research is needed. Range of motion is important for flexibility and performance. Researchers found evidence from one study of 11 adolescent athletes that a combination of foam rolling and static stretching was most effective for increasing range of motion. This was compared to static stretching or foam rolling alone. For best results from foam rolling, try to stretch out and foam roll after each workout.

Our foam rolling products can help loosen and break up your fascia. Fascia are the body’s connective tissues and contribute to the appearance of cellulite. However, the best way to reduce cellulite is to maintain an active lifestyle and consume a healthy diet.

Relieve back pain

It’s important to take care when using a foam roller on the back, however. It’s easy to strain or injure your back further. To use your foam roller for lower back pain, turn your foam roller so it’s vertical (in-line with your spine) and slowly roll the roller from side to side, still in line with your spine. Do this as opposed to keeping it horizontal, which can cause you to arch and strain your back. You can also try lying on a foam massage ball or a tennis ball to work out knots in the back.


SMR has shown promising results for the treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms. In one study of 66 adults living with fibromyalgia, participants who foam rolled for 20 weeks reported that they felt better and had less pain intensity, fatigue, stiffness, and depression than those who didn’t try SMR techniques. They also reported an increase in their range of motion. While this study is promising, more research is needed to confirm the efficacy of foam rolling for treating fibromyalgia symptoms.

Many people find foam rolling to be relaxing. Breaking up tightness in your muscles may help you feel less tense and calmer as a result. But little evidence exists to show that foam rolling helps with relaxation. In one study, 20 female participants either foam rolled or rested for 30 minutes after walking on the treadmill. Researchers didn’t find that foam rolling significantly reduced stress levels more than resting. Each bump is firmer than muscle tissue but softer than bone, which allows them to comfortably deflect if they come into contact with bony protrusions. 



  • Evenly spaced bumps provide deep tissue massage
  • Combine myofascial release technology with trigger point therapy for an effective deep tissue massage throughout the body. Grid textured design is best for tension release of hamstrings, sore muscles, back pain
  • At around 13 X 5.5 X 5.5 Inches, this foam roller can thoroughly cover work muscles throughout your body, yet small and light enough to take with you in your gym bag for travel.
  • The exterior use EVA material, it is soft and the hardness of the roller is suitable and comfortable. While, the inner tube use PVC material, this material is firm and it can support the whole weight.

    Customer Reviews

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    The best foam roller I have every used!

    By far, by a long shot, is the best foam roller I have ever purchased. I am a professional straight training coach and need the best tools to help my client perform better. The days we train specific muscle groups I need to help my client warm up and also assist with the recovery process. The Phenom foam roller has worked wonders with not only me, but for my clients too.

    My favorite

    I don't typically like foam rollers with the large protruding knobs and spikes on the surface but this is my new favorite roller.


    Wonderful product. The gel "knubs" are the perfect hardness, not too hard not too soft. I am one of those people who really has to loosen up before working out to not get injured and this roller has helped me stay injury free.


    Just arrived today, and already used it multiple times. I feel a difference already. Suffer from tight shoulders and back due to sitting at the computer all day and slouching. Rolling over this restores my back to feeling like I just got out of a deep tissue massage therapy.

    I recommend

    This is the first foam roller that I've ever used so I don't know if they're all this good but...this has been a life changer for me. I've had it less than a week and all my post workout aches have vanished into the ether. I've got issues with tendinitis in various areas and I can honestly say that none of them bother me any more.


    Got this as a gift for my wife. So far she has found it helpful for minor aches and pains after hard workouts.

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