About us

Hi, we are Anna and Karina, Tips For Hips founders. This place appeared by itself from our endless willing to be slim, healthy and beautiful :)

We have always been a little crazy about anything regarding beauty and health. Jillian Michaels videos, TRX and any bands workouts, all types of yoga, vegetarian and ketogenic diet, brush and vacuum anti-cellulite massage - we always bravely took up anything that promised to save our youth and beauty.

Through trial and error we ended up with a simple truth - you do not need to lift weights in a overpriced luxury gym and torture yourself with rough diets. The key is to love yourself, eat tasty and healthy, train moderately and wisely.

Your own gym and spa can be easily and inexpensively installed at home, which will save you time and money. 
Every day we are selecting the best products and searching direct manufactures in order to provide you with the best range of wellness goods with affordable prices.

Useful blog, supportive community, must-haves online store, inspiration, motivation and self-love source ... it is all Tips For Hips.

Join us!