EMS Hips Trainer - Tips for Hips
EMS Hips Trainer - Tips for Hips EMS Hips Trainer - Tips for Hips EMS Hips Trainer - Tips for Hips

EMS Hips Trainer

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EMS Hips Trainer uses EMS biological microwave impulses to stimulate the hip muscles movement, lift up hips to make them plump and elastic, offering you firm and well-built muscles! It works great on the droop, flat, spot and non-symmetrical buttocks. Train your hip and buttock easily and effectively today!

What is this?

This is a smart butt enhancer that is designed for hip lifting and enhancing for people who want to get a better buttock shape.

How does it work? 

It adopted advanced EMS Technology, which can transfer micro current to our hips and make safe impulse to exercise them instead of our brain giving orders to make them exercise. 

How to use it?

There are 5 modes and 10 intensity optional to help fat burning and muscle growing. All you need to do is to fit the butt enhancer pad to your body and select a mode and intensity you desired, then just let the machine to help you do the workout.

How long will it take to see an effect? 

12mins/time, 2 times/day, it equals to 100 squats, 2000 meters running, 30mins freestyle swimming, about 2 months to see a distinct result.


Customer Reviews

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Just Great!

It's very easy to assemble, easy to use. Has 10 intensity levels which are easy to adjust, it's thin and weightless. Has also been helping me with circulation. In my experience it's exactly as described. Seeing a difference after only a few days, Loving it!

Hello Vicky! We are glad that you are satisfied with your order! Enjoy your new hips =)

Very good! Works well already on the first day of use! Highly recommended

Hi Constance! Thanks for your review!
Great Exercise Addition

I used this hips trainer to after strength exercise to relieve muscle,10 minutes can get relief and train hips together!

Hi Catherine! Thanks a lot for interesting idea of using! Enjoy your training :)

Order 5 items in one day. Goods came quickly, even before the date. Carefully packaged. There is an instruction in English. But the picture is clear. Previously enjoyed such stimulant effect, muscles are more rugged with and strong. This increases the effect of Sports Exercise))) I AM VERY HAPPY! THANK YOU!!!

Hey Lacey, thanks for your order! We are more than sure that you will appreciate results. :)

Arrived as the described i'm very satisfied, now i will test!

Hey Audie! You are on the way to your perfect hips! :)

Got this for my girlfriend not just for a workout, but to help stimulate her muscles. So far she likes it and it helps to add in a quick work out when you don't have too much time. 4Stars for long shipping - almost 3 weeks.

Hello Javier. Huge thanks for your feedback! We are currently working on it, come again to test! :)
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